Emotional Intelligence

We have since the late 1990´s used the TTI (Target Training International) analyses for profiles of personal behaviours, communication, motivators and valuing. All new is the area of Emotional Intelligence, measured through EQ. Being experienced within the area, we were given the task by IPU Institute, distributors for the Scandinavian market, to develop education and training for consultants and educators who are to use the instrument on clients.
The first course is just completed and more are in the pipeline. Says one of the participants: “Everyone is talking about EQ, but no one really knows what it is. Now we do and this was necessary”.
The instrument form is filled out on the web and there are ca 35 languages to choose between, also for written reports, so it can be used successfully in virtually every country. A great competitive advantage for companies with workplaces in different countries or otherwise operate abroad.

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