Methods & Techniques

Here are offerings that you may find useful in different situations that now and then are bound to appear.

  • Performance Review. How to prepare, carry through and follow up appraisals; how co-workers have done, but even more how they can be supported in seeing themselves doing well in the future; the mile stones for the coaching leader.
  • Success Creative Bridge. An exciting and highly effective way of solving problems and creating new ideas. The technique is developed from the documented strategy used by one of the world´s most famous and commercially successful creators – Walt Disney.
  • On Staging. Support programme for making new leaders find acceptance in the best of ways and thus becoming a “product” with fast ROI.
  • Recruitment Support. With our personal profile analyses and other tools along with our expertise we can work with you in recruiting and, at the same time, raise your own competence for the future.
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