Seminars & Workshops

These activities are customized for you regarding range in time and priorities of topics, depending on your current situation and needs.

  • Effective Communication. How to create openness for message and conversational climate.
  • Emotional Intelligence. How to understand and control your own feelings as well as understand and consider others with a social ability. Important are self consciousness, self regulation, motivation and empathy.
  • Negotiation. Techniques and case work to accomplish your own goals on a win/win basis through understanding the other part´s map of the world.
  • Conflict Management. How to prevent and handle problem situations.
  • Presentation techniques. Practice to master formulations and create good contact with an audience.
  • Stress Management. Knowledge and skills to analyse and create strategies for handling stress related problems.
  • Manage or Die. Situation based leadership strategies, with a starting point in the example of Lennart Strandberg´s adventure of skiing to the North Pole.
  • To Will or not to Will. A model for creating, implementing, realizing and keeping volition: the act of will, the force needed for motivation. Understanding how these two different unities build on each other.
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