“Somewhere there is will”

This is the translated title of Lennart´s first all-individual written book, released in October 2014, however as of yet only in Swedish. Possibility of a translation into English is being investigated. We hope to realize it, as it in fact is the first book ever to cover will as phenomena. There are books in philosophy and psychology discussing freedom and strength, but they presuppose the existence of will, not digging into the mystery of what it is composed of and how it can be created consciously. That is what now has been done through interviews with experts in different areas and storytelling of seven persons who have been in great need of will for various reasons. Readers will learn how they have succeeded The first story is about Marie, who gave Lennart the idea to write. She said she had lost her will totally, working too hard and un-economically. Lennart: “I could not cope with the idea that a hundred per cent lost will is possible, still being alive”. That is exactly the centre of the message. And that will is necessary for connection with the next phase: motivation.
Without will, no motivation. All businesses need will. That is why all will need the book.

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