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With our Support: Strenghten your Will

Our definition of Coaching & Training is goal oriented and pragmatic: we support individuals, teams and organizations to move from current state to a more desired one. Problems can be solved. Insufficient can be good. Good can be great.

“Make this day a profit”

We stay with you until we all know that the development process pays back.

“And your investment will return to you”

Our concepts helps you to develop your inner resources and harness them in the best of ways. It comprises mapping, defining desired results and follow-up measurements. All this is done in partnership and thus we work jointly for the outcome.
When our task and mission is completed you can carry on the continuous development for your organization on your own, still in contact with us for as long as you wish.
People have all the resources they need within them, but sometimes there is need for a catalyst to help them find it. Examples of questions we could ask at that stage:
– Which resources and capabilities do I need the most right now?
– How do I find them?
– Which ones are in the most need of reinforcing?
With our help, individual and team development can be supported actively by the management of the organization.

Our simple principle for handling an organization is: Management through values – leadership through coaching.

Our Coaching & Training concept has a firm structure:
For over 15 years we have coached and trained individuals and teams. During this time we have built a holistic concept that means combining staff efficiency with individual satisfaction. We know that everyone wants to contribute to corporate results. It increases satisfaction and energy. This positive spiral has only one way to go – up!
The content comprises four integrated parts.

  1. Now: Mapping and analyzing current state. Several highly professional personal profile analyses are used and support enhanced self esteem.
  2. The future: Planning for reaching a more desired state. Formulating goals, activities and routines with effective tools.
  3. The way there: Strategies and communication. Techniques for Emotional Intelligence, negotiation, persuasion with integrity and guides for managing.
  4. The holistic plan: How it will work out in real life. A map to sum up will, motivation and effects.

This programme contains thoughts by such authorities and acknowledged methods as Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and NeuroLingvistic Programming (NLP).

Success Coaching & Training

We offer several programmes for various reasons. Normally they last between 5 and 12 months. They all comprise one or more personal profile analyses, which cover Behaviors, Motivators, Hierarchy of Thoughts and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Individual Coaching & Training. For all co-workers, key personnel, leaders and managers up to board level. Many CEOs have participated in this programme. We are always reachable for support when in need before an important meeting etc.
  • Team Coaching & Training. When forming a team for improved internal and external performance. The analyses will be put together to give a group profile picture.
  • Service Coaching & Training. Service teams may want to improve their ability to communicate and influence with integrity for better customer satisfaction.
  • Coach Leader. After their own training, leaders will most certainly want to act as good coaches themselves. We only work with small groups here. How to carry through appraisals is an important part. Participants will start thinking in new and flexible ways.
Methods & Techniques

Here are offerings that you may find useful in different situations that now and then are bound to appear.

  • Performance Review. How to prepare, carry through and follow up appraisals; how co-workers have done, but even more how they can be supported in seeing themselves doing well in the future; the mile stones for the coaching leader.
  • Success Creative Bridge. An exciting and highly effective way of solving problems and creating new ideas. The technique is developed from the documented strategy used by one of the world´s most famous and commercially successful creators – Walt Disney.
  • On Staging. Support programme for making new leaders find acceptance in the best of ways and thus becoming a “product” with fast ROI.
  • Recruitment Support. With our personal profile analyses and other tools along with our expertise we can work with you in recruiting and, at the same time, raise your own competence for the future.
Seminars & Workshops

These activities are customized for you regarding range in time and priorities of topics, depending on your current situation and needs.

  • Effective Communication. How to create openness for message and conversational climate.
  • Emotional Intelligence. How to understand and control your own feelings as well as understand and consider others with a social ability. Important are self consciousness, self regulation, motivation and empathy.
  • Negotiation. Techniques and case work to accomplish your own goals on a win/win basis through understanding the other part´s map of the world.
  • Conflict Management. How to prevent and handle problem situations.
  • Presentation techniques. Practice to master formulations and create good contact with an audience.
  • Stress Management. Knowledge and skills to analyse and create strategies for handling stress related problems.
  • Manage or Die. Situation based leadership strategies, with a starting point in the example of Lennart Strandberg´s adventure of skiing to the North Pole.
  • To Will or not to Will. A model for creating, implementing, realizing and keeping volition: the act of will, the force needed for motivation. Understanding how these two different unities build on each other.
Consulting & Services

For certain situations we work with you back stage, giving you consulting support and advice. Under other circumstances you may want us to carry out practictal tasks. Here are some examples of both.

  • New Perspectives. Support in the event of a co-worker or leader having to leave the company.
  • Situation Management. In the event of conflicts or other problem situations, external eyes and brains may well come to faster and better solutions. Consultancy and implementing strategies.
  • Modelling. Does your organization have individuals on your pay roll that are extremely competent in a certain area? Almost like a genius? Modelling is a consultancy effort that creates techniques and education for others to learn some from the exemplar and reach a higher level of capability before the exemplar leaves the company.
  • Research, Evaluation and Investigation. Service commission, support and consulting when you need new knowledge about performance, market etc., internal as well as external.

You find us in Sweden and in Cyprus

We have an office in the Stockholm area in Sweden, where we have developed our business and operated for 19 years. From this summer on we also serve the southern European market from Kyrenia, Cyprus. We are proud and happy to have made the acquaintance of TRNC, Northern Cyprus, with many new friends. We work closely and share experiences with our office partner North Cyprus Magazine and Sunny Cyprus Homes.