Success coaching

We offer several programmes for various reasons. Normally they last between 5 and 12 months. They all comprise one or more personal profile analyses, which cover Behaviors, Motivators, Hierarchy of Thoughts and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Individual Coaching & Training. For all co-workers, key personnel, leaders and managers up to board level. Many CEOs have participated in this programme. We are always reachable for support when in need before an important meeting etc.
  • Team Coaching & Training. When forming a team for improved internal and external performance. The analyses will be put together to give a group profile picture.
  • Service Coaching & Training. Service teams may want to improve their ability to communicate and influence with integrity for better customer satisfaction.
  • Coach Leader. After their own training, leaders will most certainly want to act as good coaches themselves. We only work with small groups here. How to carry through appraisals is an important part. Participants will start thinking in new and flexible ways.
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